PL Line Kemplex Planetary mixers
PL Line Kemplex Planetary mixers
PL Line Kemplex Planetary mixers

Table top planetary mixer models PL 7 / PL 10 are the perfect synthesis of ruggedness and practicality. Ideal for mixing whipped products and small batches of dough. The easily replaceable stainless steel mixing tools guarantee gradual and uniform blending of ingredients. Easy to use and offering reduced operating costs, ideal for kitchens, caterers, laboratories, confectioners and ice cream parlours.

Planetary mixer models PL 20/40 with mechanical speed variator are the state of the art in today’s bakery & confectionery industry. The easily interchangeable stainless steel mixing tools guarantee gradual and uniform blending of ingredients. 

PL products

Model Typology Capacity Power Weight
PL 7
Table top mixer
6,5 lt
500 W
19 kg
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PL 10
Table top mixer
12 lt
0,37 kW
72 kg
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PL 20
Three-phase with speed variator
20 lt
0,55 kW
93 kg
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PL 40
Three-phase with speed variator
40 lt
1,5 kW
230 kg
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Kemplex FAQ

Can I make egg pasta with a planetary mixer?

You can make egg pasta with a planetary mixer, although we recommend using a spiral mixer.
If you do, the capacity will be much lower (for example, with a PL 10, you can make about 1 kg of egg pasta).

For what kind of dough is a planetary mixer better?

A planetary mixer is recommended for soft mixtures, such as whipped cream, dough for desserts, and sponge cake.
Planetary mixers are for soft dough. For example, with the PL 7, you can obtain up to 1 kg of bread dough (keep in mind that the dough must be well hydrated with 50-55% of liquid).
With the PL 10, you can obtain up to 3 kg of bread dough.
The PL 7 can operate for up to 2 hours with hard dough, and up to 3 or 4 hours with cream and similar products.

In what direction does the attachment of a planetary mixer turn?

The attachments of the PL 7 and PL 10 planetary mixers turn anticlockwise, while those of the PL 20-30-40 turn clockwise.

Do all planetary mixers have a removable bowl?

No, only the PL 7 and PL 10 have a removable bowl.

Can Kemplex planetary mixers stay on a trolley?

The PL 7 and PL 10 are countertop models, so they can.
The PL 20 is not a countertop but can be installed on a trolley.
The PL 40 cannot.

What production output do the Kemplex planetary mixers have?

It depends on the type of product. If you want to make mayonnaise, cream, or custard, the output is very different compared to shortcrust pastry, sponge cake, and biscuits.

Should the attachments be changed based on what you’re making? Is there a difference?

The whip is for very soft mixtures, such as mayonnaise, whipped cream, and custard. The spatula is normally used for soft dough (e.g. shortcrust pastry, biscuits, cakes, and pancakes). Finally, the hook is for hard dough (e.g. bread, pizza, and focaccia).