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Can you put the cutting device on the SF 500?

The cutting device is available only for the SF 600 with a reinforced work surface of at least 1200 mm and a special two-speed motor.

Is the SF B ECO available in the single-phase version?

This model does not support the single-phase motor. Only the SF B 500 model is available with this voltage.

Does the machine have a dual control?

Yes, all dough sheeters with a base are equipped with a manual lever and a pedal control.

Is it possible to have PVC belts?

PVC belts are available upon request.
Machines come with a standard Habasit belt.

Is there a trolley for the countertop machine?

There are two types of trolleys for countertop dough sheeters: one is a z-shaped white-coated iron trolley, and the other is made of stainless steel.

What materials are the belts made of?

Habasit conveyor belts are made of polyurethane with a cotton layer on top.

How many rolling pins does the machine come with?

The machine comes with only one food-grade aluminium and PVC rolling pin.

Does the machine have a plug?

The machine is supplied without a plug.
You, as an end-user, will have to install a suitable plug based on the electrical system at your facility.

What are the main differences between the SF B 500 and the SF B ECO?

The main difference lies in the fact that the SF B ECO has a joystick to move the belt, while the SF B 500 has a lever.

Furthermore, the SF B ECO does not come with an undertop or stainless steel curved extension, and they cannot be installed afterwards either.

Can I use the SF B 500 SM dough sheeter for shortcrust pastry?

This model does not come with belts; therefore, it is not recommended for shortcrust pastry.

We always recommend the model with conveyor belts, which helps feed the dough into the lamination cylinders.

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