Kemplex products

For confectionery and pastry-making professionals

Kemplex has been a solid partner in the confectionery industry since 1986. Dough sheeters are the flagship product of the Kemplex range, which also includes planetary mixers and double-arm mixers. All Kemplex products stand out for their efficacy, ease of use, and excellent quality/price ratio.

SF Line Kemplex Professional dough sheeters


Professionelle Teigausrollmaschinen

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EASY Line Kemplex The effective and intuitive dough sheeter

Easy Line

Einfache und effiziente Teigausrollmaschinen

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PL Line Kemplex Planetary mixers



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TT Table Line The practical and sturdy cutting table Kemplex product

TT Table

Der praktische und robuste Schneidetisch

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GENIE Line Kemplex The automatic dough sheeter


Die automatische Teigausrollmaschine

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