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Can you put the cutting device on the SF 500?

The cutting device is available only for the SF.600 and EASY 600 models with a min. 1200 mm work surface, with a two-speed special motor or inverter and a reinforced work surface.

What are the main differences between the SF B 500 and the SF B ECO?

The main difference lies in the fact that the SF.B.ECO has a joystick to move the belts instead of having a manual lever; it is not equipped with a flour compartment, flour collection trays or dough outfeed extensions.

All these differences cannot be added later on the SF.B.ECO model, while they are already included in the SF.B.500 model.

Can I use the SF B 500 SM dough sheeter for shortcrust pastry?

This model does not come with belts; therefore, it is not recommended for shortcrust pastry, as its passage between the laminating cylinders would not be facilitated by the belt movements, like it happens in other models; that's why such operation may not be so easy with this machine.

Can you use variable speed/apply an inverter to the machine?

The inverter, i.e. the speed control, is available only for the following models:

SF 500, SF 600, SF E 500, and EASY 600.

I have an SF 600. Can I apply the cutting device?

You can apply this accessory only if the machine was originally purchased with a special two-speed motor (450/900 revs) and a reinforced work surface. Otherwise, you can’t.

If three-phase voltage is not available, can I purchase the machine with single-phase voltage?

This option is available on all models except for the SF B 500 ECO series.

The machine does not switch on or does not start

  • Make sure that the plug has been inserted into the wall socket and that voltage is available.
  • Make sure that the emergency button (if any) has been deactivated and reset.
  • Make sure that the desired speed has been selected (only for machines with 2 speeds or inverter).
  • Make sure that you have pressed the start button.
  • Make sure that the side guards are both completely lowered.

If the problem persists, contact a specialized technician.

The laminated dough sheet shows holes on it

After disconnecting the power supply (therefore with machine and rollers stopped), disassemble the upper and lower scrapers as indicated in the use manual, clean the rollers and then the scrapers with a damp cotton cloth.

Make sure that there are no dough residues or cuts on the belts; if residues are present, remove them as indicated in the use and maintenance manual; if cuts are present, have the belts replaced by a specialized technician.

N.B: do not use sharp or abrasive objects or aggressive liquid products

If the problem persists, contact a specialized technician.

The belts and rollers move in the direction opposite to the commands given.

If the belts and rollers move in the direction opposite to the commands given (see the use and maintenance manual), it means that the phases have been inverted in the power plug; therefore, ask for the intervention of an electrician or a specialized technician to solve the problem.

If the problem persists, have a specialized technician contact KMP customer service.

Attention! The images shown are for illustrative purposes: the actual machines may show some differences.

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